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Developing Effective Teams & Leadership through Integrative Music-Based Programs





"I loved all the wonderful moments you led. You are masterful at creating an atmosphere in which people can get out of their heads and into their bodies, and have fun fun fun. Thank you for making our experience really terrific."

- Madeleine Homan, Trainer, Ken Blanchard Companies Author, Leverage Your Best and Ditch the Rest


“Kulu's dynamic, engaging and masterful presentation enhanced and illuminated the Somatic concepts at the core of the work at Strozzi Institute. He set a mood and tempo in which my participants were able to connect with themselves and each other with true heart and soul. I highly regard and unequivocally recommend his program to organizations involved in the fields of leadership, coaching and integrative/personal growth."

-Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D., President, Strozzi Institute


"Kulu is an ideal addition to our year long leadership program. His delivery style sets a comfortable and safe environment, and his skill keeps things moving. The work he does with rhythm and drumming frees up a wide range of expression and aliveness." 

- Karen Kimsey-House, Co-Founder, Co-Active Space Leadership Program and Coaches Training Institute


“Kulu's work has a power that transcends cultural barriers. As we dissolved into the Rhythm of the Universe, we were led to a place of pure awareness, where language, skin color and cultural traits became irrelevant."

- Hide Enomoto, Founder, CTI Japan




"I had not experienced drumming before so was a skeptic, but the Great Kulu changed my mind! His humility, patience, fun, open systems and magnetic energy helped transform my group. Since I work with the Spiral Dynamics model, he was able to connect drumming, singing and other boundary-driven expression s to simulate the up-spiral vMeme codes. Here was an excellent use of multiple intelligences to impact the whole systems within individuals, and various groupings."

- Don Edward Beck, Founder/Director, Spiral Dynamics Integral


"Kulu Sadira presents one of the most uniquely effective workshops that I am aware of for teaching the concepts of Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics as adult development models. He has a deep understanding of both topics joined with a lifetime of teaching under his belt. I would recommend the workshop to anyone interested in human potential.”

- Dan Petersen, Founder, Edges Learning Community and Sage Canyon Project, open-focus.com


“Finding words that reflect Kulu’s role in the retreat is difficult… It was absolutely amazing how in a matter of minutes we went from making noise to being a symphony of percussion. To be a part of this collaboration was exhilarating. It turned out to be the highlight of our retreat.”

- Nick Tillman, President EBT Companies, Dallas, TX


“Kulu brought just the right mix of energy to our management off-site. It felt fantastic to beat on a drum. He also had the ability to tie relevant messages into the various musical activities. It was a great way to re-energize the team. Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend you to others."

- Deborah Alley, HR Director eBay Inc.,


"Kulu, you were awesome as usual! It is such a treat to have you do your magic with our 4Sight groups. Our group of international change leaders loved working with you, and your approach enabled them to integrate much of the leadership mastery skills they had been working on all week. Thanks again, and we will see you next session!"

- Dean Anderson, Co-Founder / CEO - Being First, Inc


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