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"The universal language of music moves the soul of a team in ways that no other methodology can approach. With its unique ability to inspire and uplift, it reverberates in the heart, the mind, and in the bottom line."
-Kulu Sadira

Developing Effective Teams & Leadership through Integrative Music-Based Programs

Integrate • Communicate • Celebrate

Kulu Sadira’s interactive music-based programs help create high-functioning, powerful teams that use synergized action as a lever for extraordinary results. Team members are motivated to carry this new cooperative model into the workplace because they have been engaged in “real-time learning” at the level of mind, body and emotion.

Integral Pathways empowers teams to:

  • Build cohesion and trust
  • Enhance cooperative dynamics
  • Leverage strengths and behavioral currents
  • Respect differences and create from diversity

We optimize team performance and productivity by:

  • Improving interpersonal competencies
  • Inspiring creative, integrated and synergistic thinking
  • Increasing team harmony, connection and camaraderie
  • Finding creative pathways in fast-shifting landscape
  • Advancing individual innovation and breakthroughs
  • Boosting team and personal vigor and well being

Integral Pathways programs deliver physical, mental and emotional renewal, along with motivational, high-energy initiatives and collaborative music-based learning activities. They are perfect for:

  • Results-oriented corporate team retreats
  • Project completions and acknowledgments
  • New member orientation/welcome
  • Educational venues and conferences
  • Any setting in which an organization or team benefits from a truly integrative, enriching and memorable team and leadership development experience.






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